Place De 14 Octobre

Antisiranana, Madagascar

Establishment, Point Of Interest

About Place De 14 Octobre

Place De 14 Octobre is one of the popular place listed under Establishment, Point Of Interest in Diana, Madagascar. Where can I find Place De 14 Octobre? The address is Antisiranana, Madagascar. The currency used in the region is Ariary (MGA). The time zone of the region is Indian/Antananarivo, Daylight saving time not currently in effect at this location

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Contact Details
Address: Antisiranana, Madagascar
Latitude: 12° 16' 56.838" S
Longitude: 49° 17' 33.9464" E
Time zone: Indian/Antananarivo
Map Place De 14 Octobre
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Geographic Information
Latitude: -12.282455
Longitude: 49.2927629
UTM Zone: 39L
UTM(E): 314322.3031182825
UTM(N): 8641624.11757697
Time Zone: Indian/Antananarivo
GeoHash: mjg41sjcs8kn0